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             Want to Buy Or Rent Palm            Trees in Massachusetts?


The Best Palms For Sale In Massachusetts

Ever woke up and wished you could have palm trees in Massachusetts? Make that reality a dream. Buy or rent REAL palm trees in Mass. for the summer months. CT Palm Trees and Tropicals is located out of East Haven, CT. We order all different types of palm trees and tropicals from southern Florida each May, and then sell them and rent them for the summer season across Massachusetts. Buying palm trees in Massachusetts is no longer a 1000 mile project!

We offer many different types of palms and various other tropicals. We make sure we have the biggest and best variety of palms for sale and rent in Massachusetts and New England to restaurants, homes, businesses, events, and more. The palms available for purchase in Massachusetts range from 3 feet all the way up to 14 feet tall!  Larger trees can be had. The Caribbean is now in your backyard in Mass! Does it get any better than that?

Visit here if you are interested in buying or renting palm trees in Massachusetts or elsewhere!




We have been renting and selling palm trees in Massachusetts for over 6 years already. Our inventory is filled with only the best quality palms from Southern, FL and are handpicked to make sure everyone is completely satisfied! We deliver your paradise to you from Boston, to Cape Cod, and all of Massachusetts. 

We began the unique business of selling and renting palms in Massachusetts based on the owners' own obsession with palm trees. He has been sourcing them for his own home for years before renting them out in CT and now in Massachusetts and New England. Here is a nice piece showing CT Palm Trees on Local TV in CT. View CT Palm Trees Video here.

When it comes to knowledge of palm trees and tropicals, there is only one place to go, and that is CT Palm Trees. So when it comes to buying palm trees in MA. or New England, you can look no further.

We are very highly recommended by our clients and rated very highly on Google and other internet sites. You will only get the best customer service and best palm trees around!


We think it's time to contact us now to rent or buy your own palm trees for the summer and let us bring the tropics to you!


Order today for your own Palm trees for sale in Massachusetts

Enjoy another video here on how CT Palm Trees began!

Palms In Massachusetts’s Climate

Massachusetts can obviously get quite cold, and it demands only hardy plants.

Winters are hard and very long, and temperatures routinely fall well below freezing. Fortunately, we offer several types of cold-hardy palms that are better suited to Massachusetts’s cold climate.

The beautiful Windmill Palm (Trachycarpus fortune) is an example of such a palm. Capable of growing as far north as Canada, the Windmill palm can withstand very cold winters. It’s a very widely used palm that is extremely attractive, becoming the focal point of any property.

Also, the Sabal Palm (Sabal palmetto or Cabbage Palm) is an amazingly hardy palm that can grow in quite low temperatures. It’s a remarkably elegant and widely used palm in SE parts of the country.

The Chinese Fan Palm (Livistona chinensis) and European Fan Palm (Chamaerops humilis) are two other hardy palms that can tolerate chilly conditions down to around 10 to 15°F.

If you are not interested in cold hardy palms that need winter protection, then let us bring the tropics to you with our other exotic palms. in May or early June, and then pick them up from you at the end of summer!

Buy Palm Trees In Massachusetts, Christmas palm trees for sale in Mass.

Best Quality Palm Trees For Sale or Rent In Massachusetts

Buy Palm Trees In Massachusetts
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