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Caring for your CT Palm Trees

Caring for your rented palm tree im CT, NJ, NY

Thank you for choosing CT Palm Trees! We know your palms will bring you happiness all summer long with some basic, simple care.

Your CT Palms are from Miami and used to the heat, humidity, and rain, making them “easy-care” with the right amount of sun and water.

Give your CT Palm tree all the sun you can!


* It is normal for some browning of fronds during the first few weeks after delivery as our nights are cooler here than what they are used to. 

Do not panic, new growth will quickly emerge from the center of the palm!

Water 4 times a week, 5 to 7 gallons of water each time, directly into the pot. The best time to water or set your sprinkler is early am or after the sun goes down. Avoid wetting the fronds as much as possible. Do not worry much about over-watering. As long as it is hot and sunny, they will take all the water you want to give them!

There is no need to fertilize your rented CT Palm tree; we do that for you in advance, however, if you still want to add fertilizer, we recommend "jobes palm fertilizer" 

Your CT Palm tree should stay pest free, but if you notice anything unusual, let us know right away!

Please call us if you have any questions, concerns, or aren’t sure about caring for your CT Palm trees. We are here!

Thank you for another great year. 

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