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Winter Plant Storage In NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA.

Serving The Tri-State And Northeast With Winter Plant Storage.
Winter Protection For Any Tree Or Plant.
Don't Store Plants In Your Garage,
Over-Winter Your Potted Plants With Us!

Winter Plant Storage in CT, NY, NJ, Mass. and RI

Top Winter Plant Storage Services In CT And Tri-State

Worried about how to keep your potted plants alive in the winter? Well, worry no more and safely over-winter your plants with us! Bring your tropical oasis back year after year with our tropical plant and palm tree winter storage. Don't be one of those people storing plants in their garage, and don't treat your beautiful plants as annuals, let CT Palm Trees pick up and take care of your plants during the winter, and then deliver them back in May! Or you can pick them up from our greenhouse.  Overwintering your tropical plants in NY, NJ, CT, and beyond, has never been easier!

While we pride ourselves in giving your plants outstanding care, you store your plants at your own risk. Too many variables affect them before they are in our care from diseases caught while outside that then manifest themselves during the winter months, to insects, frost, neglect, poor soil, and acts of God like ice storms that damage our greenhouses, power outages, and tornados, etc. Damaged and dying plants will be noted when they arrive.

We do not charge for plants that do not successfully overwinter through the storage season, albeit very rare, it can occur from time to time. 
We guarantee that your plants look as good as you expect or we will refund the storage charge or attempt to replace them with a plant of your choosing.
 By letting CT Palm Trees handle winter storage for your plants, you can sit back and relax because our plant storage includes all of the appropriate and necessary care that your plants require, including watering, pruning, regular grooming, and fertilization, as well as insect and disease management.

Winter plant storage is typically cost-effective compared to buying new plants year after year, not to mention the sentimental value of owning a certain plant for years. However, be sure to do your own research to make sure plant storage is the best financial decision for you. Contact us today for a winter plant storage quote, and stop storing plants in your garage! You will be happy that you chose CT Palm Trees to take care of winter protection for your precious plants!

Winter Plant Storage in CT, NY, NJ, Mass. and RI

Over-Winter Your Tropical Plants In CT, Tri-State, and New England

Let CT Palm Trees take care of storing and protecting your potted and non-potted plants in our controlled environment greenhouse. There is no better place to over-winter your plants! Do not store your plants in the garage with no sun and risk your precious plants!
Our tropical plant storage is available to anyone during the winter months.
Overwintering tropical plants are extremely beneficial not just to homeowners, but to contractors (landscapers, garden designers, property managers, landscape architects, and others) who provide and service clients with tropical plants. 
If you are a contractor, our winter plant storage allows you to use our greenhouse to supply your clients with a safe place to store their tropical plants and help keep potted plants alive in the winter, saving you the hassle of having to purchase them year after year. It saves valuable time in the spring when you are busy with all your other chores.
We continue to service contractors who have used our plant storage services for years with the confidence in knowing that their clients will be completely satisfied with the results, year after year.

Overwintering of tropical plants is available in NY, NJ, CT, RI, and MA.

View our palm tree inventory and choose your favorite tree to add to your home or business for Spring 2024!

Top 10 Reasons To Store Your Tropical Plants In The Winter


  1. Temperature Control: Greenhouses provide a controlled temperature environment suitable for tropical plants, which are sensitive to cold weather.

  2. Protection from Frost: The enclosed space of a greenhouse can protect plants from frost, which can be deadly for tropical species.

  3. Humidity Maintenance: Greenhouses can help maintain the high humidity levels that tropical plants often require.

  4. Year-Round Growth: Unlike outdoor conditions in winter, greenhouses allow for the continuous growth of tropical plants.

  5. Controlled Light Exposure: Greenhouses enable the regulation of light exposure, an essential factor for plant growth.

  6. Pest Control: The contained environment of a greenhouse can help keep out pests, which can be more prevalent in winter.

  7. Plant Isolation: Greenhouses offer an isolated environment, lowering the risk of plant diseases spreading.

  8. Harsh Weather Protection: The structure provides shelter from harsh winter weather conditions like snow, hail, and heavy rain.

  9. Maximizing Space: Greenhouses allow for vertical farming, enabling the cultivation of more plants in a smaller area.

  10. Experimental Opportunity: The controlled environment of a greenhouse allows for experimentation with different plant types, growing methods, and horticultural practices.

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