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Rent palm trees and tropicals in CT

 Ask Us About Special Lighting For Your Palms!
Other tropical trees are available by special request!

Areca Palm (6-8 ft)


Elephant Ears

(4-6 ft)

Scientific name: Colocasia

Coconut Palm (9-13 ft)

White Bird Of Paradise For Rent

Palm Trees In New England and The Tri-state

Palm trees in New England, who would have thought? Please contact us for palm tree varieties or sizes not shown on this page as we can get almost ANY palm for your needs! Place your orders before April to avoid certain trees being sold out. Schedule a visit at the only palm tree plant nursery in CT, you won't ever forget it!


Some of our more popular palm trees each year are the Christmas palm trees which we offer in single, double, and triple trunk varieties as well as the pygmy date palms that also come with single or multiple trunks. Everyone has their own favorite, but we can all agree that nothing beats having our own palm trees in New England and the Tri-State.

DON'T forget to ask us about providing solar lighting for your palm trees!


Each year at our unique palm tree plant nursery in CT, we continue to bring in new varieties of trees to see what our customers love the most. We now also carry various tropical plants for you to choose from. Check out our videos to see more on inventory and other things palm-related. Thanks again and we'll see you down at the plant nursery.

Palm Tree Guide

2024 Palm Tree Inventory
Palm Trees In New England At Our Plant Nursery In CT!

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