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Many Varieties Of Real Palm Trees For Sale In New York

The tropics have arrived in NY. You can actually buy or rent REAL palm trees in New York! CT Palm Trees and Tropicals is based out of Hamden, CT ( moved in 2022 ) and we truck up hundreds of palm trees from Southern Florida every May, and then rent them out or sell them for the summer season across New York and surrounding states. Buying palm trees in New York makes the vacation come to you!

CT Palm Trees has in stock many different types of palms and other tropicals. We want to ensure that we have the biggest and best variety of palm trees for sale and rent in New York and the Northeast for restaurants, homes, businesses, and even events. The palm trees for sale in NY range from 5 feet all the way up to 16 feet tall! Miami is now in your backyard in New York! How tropical and amazing?!

Visit here if you are interested in buying or renting your own palm trees in New York or elsewhere!



CT Palm Trees has been renting and selling palm trees in New York, the Tri-State, and the Northeast for 6 years now. We only source the best quality palm trees from South Florida and handpick them to ensure our clients are always overjoyed with happiness. We deliver the tropics to you as far north as Maine and as far south as Delaware! 

We started renting and selling palms in New York based on the owners' passion, or maybe obsession for palm trees, which he sourced for his own backyard for years before renting them out in CT. Here is a fun link showing us on Local TV in CT. View CT Palm Trees Video here.

There is only one place as knowledgeable about palm trees as CT Palm Trees. So when it comes to buying palm trees in New York or New England, you should rest assured that you are in good hands, or should we say good palms. 


CT Palm Trees is very highly recommended and rated very highly on Google and other ranking sites, so we think you should contact us now to rent or buy your own palm trees for the summer and let us bring the tropics to you! Palm trees for sale in New York

Enjoy another video here on how CT Palm Trees began!

Check us out working with the New York Jets.

Palm Trees Suitable for USDA Zone 7

  • Mule Palm – No one else around is likely to have this beautiful, rare, and eye-catching specimen! It’s one of the hardiest feather-type palms and is a man-made hybrid between the Pindo palm and the Queen palm. The parent palms are very cold-hardy and produce equally cold-hardy offspring. It grows very quickly to about 20 feet. At full maturity, the Mule Palm displays a dark brown trunk with a massive caliper. Its beautiful pinnate fronds are long with wide, dark green leaflets that look similar to the fronds of a coconut palm.

  • Nitida Palm – This very large canopy palm, also known as the Carnarvon Fan Palm, comes from the Carnarvon Gorge in Australia. It is one of the fastest-growing Livistona species, which can reach heights of 30 to 45 feet. This palm loves water but is not bothered during drought events. It’s also super cold-hardy and can survive 20°F temperatures and lower without any damage.

  • Sabal Palm – The Sabal palmetto, aka the Cabbage Palm, is Florida’s state tree and one of the best-known of Florida’s 11 native palms. It grows slowly but can reach up to 40 feet tall eventually. The quite large, light green fan leaves emerge from a tight, round, self-cleaning crown shaft. This palm prefers full sun and a moist area where it can get watered fairly regularly. Once the roots have been established, the Sabal is extremely drought tolerant, but can also adapt to very wet soil conditions. And, because it’s cold hardy, it can be grown much farther north than most palms. 

       You can have a tropical paradise, even in New York! The palms listed above are best if you want to protect them in the winter. Otherwise, CT Palm Trees is happy to deliver your trees in May/June and pick them up at the end of summer!


Best Quality Palm Trees For  Sale or Rent In New York

Buy Palm Trees In New York

                Where To Buy Palm Trees in New York?


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