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CT Palm Trees & Tropicals Garden Center In Cheshire/Hamden, CT

Buy Tropical Plants and Flowers Or Rent Palm Trees ForThe Summer. The Only Palm Tree Nursery In Cheshire/Hamden, CT!

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If you are looking for a very unique plant nursery or garden center in Cheshire/Hamden CT, then you just found the right place! Come stop by and take a look at what we like to call Cancun in CT! We have hundreds of palm trees and other varieties of tropical plants flowers, and more for sale or rent right here at our garden center located in Cheshire/Hamden CT. 

We are open to the public year-round but recommend stopping by during spring when we are fully stocked with our tropicals and flowers. During the rest of the year, please contact us to schedule a visit to our greenhouse where we store all of our trees.

You can also view our palm tree store, and purchase or rent your own palm tree for the summer and have it delivered or you can pick it up at our NEW Hamden, CT location! 

The best place to buy tropical plants in CT.

The Only Palm Tree Garden Center In Cheshire/Hamden, CT

What makes our garden center unique is the vast amounts and varieties of palm trees and tropicals that we order every year from Miami. Our most popular palm tree is our Christmas Palm Tree however, we order over 500 trees every year which ends up being over 90,000 lbs of palms! There is so much to choose from, but inventory goes fast! You are more than welcome to come to watch us unload our semi-trucks at the beginning of May and then have the first pick at your own trees, flowers, or tropicals! It is an exciting time to see all the different types of tropicals being unloaded and untied here at our plant nursery in Cheshire/Hamden, CT. 


We are a proud, family-owned garden center, and we take pride in not only our quality of trees but also our ability to get almost any type of palm tree or tropical plant you can think of. We will gladly special order any trees available to us from our supplier and are offered in a variety of sizes. So feel free to contact us to place a special order, or to just inquire about our seasonal palm tree rentals or purchases of tropical plants.

Buy tropical plants in CT, Garden Center In Cheshire/Hamden, CT

Unlike other garden centers in CT, we cater mostly to the palm tree and tropical plant enthusiast, although we now have gotten into flowers and other types of plants! You may find a couple of other places that have 1 or 2 palms, but typically they are not 100% educated on the type of tree, and how to exactly care for it. Palm trees and tropical plants are all we know, and we enjoy educating our clients on our trees and plants here at our plant nursery!

We started off with only palms, but are slowly adding other types of tropicals and now flowers as we grow, and we would love to hear from you what types of plants or trees you would like to see here in CT at our garden center. We place our yearly orders starting in January, so if there is something you are interested in having, please let us know before May 1. Thank you for visiting, and please take a look at our usual palm inventory and gallery before leaving! 

The one and only stop garden center for buying and renting tropical plants in Cheshire/Hamden, CT.

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