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CT Palm Trees & Tropicals Garden Center Near Avon, CT

Buy Tropical Plants and Flowers Or Rent Palm Trees For The Summer. The Only Palm Tree Nursery Near Avon, CT!

Garden Center In Avon, CT

Experience a unique and unforgettable plant nursery and garden center located near Avon, CT. Welcome to Cancun in CT, where a wide range of tropical plants, flowers, and palm trees are available for purchase or rent. Our public access is available year-round, providing excellent opportunities to explore your love for horticulture. However, we encourage you to visit us during spring to witness the extent of our collection. Be inspired by our exceptional range of flora and discover why our garden center is a must-visit destination near Avon, CT. Come and see for yourself today.

The Only Palm Tree Garden Center Near Avon, CT

Experience the enchanting allure of our garden center near Avon, CT! Feast your eyes on an impressive selection of palm trees and tropical blossoms from Miami – all imported annually with care and attention to detail. Our Christmas Palm Tree is a fan favorite, but that's only the beginning. We offer over 500 palm trees, which account for a staggering 90,000 lbs in weight! Our supply is expansive, but act fast – our stock tends to fly off the shelves.

Join us in May to witness the grand arrival of our specialized trucks and gain exclusive access to the freshest trees, flowers, and tropicals for your garden. As a family-owned garden center, we pride ourselves on providing only the finest quality trees and being able to source nearly any kind of palm tree or tropical plant. We offer an assortment of sizes to meet your needs and will gladly accommodate special orders upon request.

No matter if you're purchasing or renting a seasonal palm tree or tropical plant, we're here to help with all your gardening needs. Contact us today for more information – we’re eager to assist you!

Garden Center In Avon, CT

Visit our plant nursery for premium palm trees and tropical plants as well as flowers and other shrubs and trees.


Our team of experts excels at providing comprehensive care and maintenance advice, as well as top-quality products. We are passionate about educating our clients and ensuring their satisfaction.


Trust us to meet all your palm tree and tropical plant needs and elevate your gardening experience. Unlike other garden centers in CT, we specialize in these unique species.

Best Garden Center Near Avon,CT

At our garden center, we started with palms and have now grown to offer a vast array of tropical plants and flowers. As we continuously strive to improve, we welcome your input and suggestions for new plant and tree varieties to add to our collection in Connecticut. To ensure we meet your needs, we kindly ask that you submit your request before May 1, as our ordering process for the coming year begins in January. Your valuable feedback will help us achieve our goal of constant improvement, so please share your preferences with us.


Thank you for visiting, and please take a look at our usual palm inventory and gallery before leaving! 

The one and only stop garden center for buying and renting tropical plants near Avon, CT.

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