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Now You Can! Palm Trees And Tropical Plants For Sale Year-Round In New England and the Tri-State
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Now you can buy or rent real palm trees and other tropical plants in the Northeast, the Tri-state area, NYC, and beyond! Bring a little bit of paradise to your own private residence, business, or restaurant.  Seasonal palm rentals are offered from May through October, and event rentals are offered year-round. Contact Us to place your order or for any questions! Where else can you rent or buy tropical plants? Only here at our unique garden center in CT! 


We offer a variety of palm trees for sale or rent, hand-chosen by us, directly from our growers in South Florida.  Our palms are beautiful and ideal for pool areas, patios, decks, restaurants, weddings, hotel lobbies, themed parties, rehab centers, and more! Take a look for yourself by checking out our gallery!


If you opt to buy your tropical plants or palm trees, you will need suitable indoor storage for the winter months, which we can provide in our toasty 70-degree greenhouse. We want this process to be smooth and enjoyable for you, so relax, we handle delivery and pick up of your palm trees - just sit back and watch your oasis be born season after season.


Don't forget that we offer palm trees and tropical plants for rent for special occasions all year long on Long Island, NYC, NJ, CT, RI, and Massachusetts.  Consider CT Palm Trees for pool parties, weddings, holiday parties, theme parties, hotel lobbies, outdoor dining, corporate events, and more!


For some cool videos on how we got started, check out our story on NBC Connecticut, ( 1st time ) or  NBC Connecticut ( 2nd time ) the local news WTNH 8, and here on WFSB 3! Also, listen to this funny radio bit on us by visiting here!  OR if you haven't gotten enough of us, check out this great interview done by Connecticut Post!

Palm Tree Rentals

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Serving CT, NJ, NY + NYC/R.I./Mass.

Winter Storage For Your Tropical Plants

Palm Trees For Weddings & Other Events


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Imagine Your Own Palm Trees For The Summer?
Make It Reality Today!

Believe it or not, palm trees and other tropical plants can thrive in the Northeast, New England, and the Tri-State during our spring and summer months! Most palms that we rent and sell are very low maintenance and truly enjoy our hot and humid summers. With just water and sun, your palm trees will be just as happy with you as they would be on a tropical island! Check out some other interesting palm tree uses!



We also offer a very special palm tree for sale, a cold-hardy palm species that is capable of surviving temperatures as low as 5 degrees, called the windmill palm tree, which is pictured above. It can potentially survive the entire winter with just some minor preparation! Check out more info about palm trees in the snow!


We deliver our palm trees in black, plastic containers when being rented or purchased. ( Working on a new solution for 2023 ) Sometimes, when purchased, we do have clients that prefer their trees to be planted directly into the ground and then attempted to be protected during the colder months. If you are not comfortable risking keeping your palms alive during the winter, no problem, we offer winter plant storage in our heated greenhouse which comes with our plant storage guarantee*  If you are renting palm trees, we can still plant them in the ground to achieve your desired look, and then dig them up in the fall.* 


If you are buying our palm trees or tropical plants in CT, NJ, NY, RI, Massachusetts, or beyond, feel free to ask us for details on how to accomplish potential year-round growing in your area! If renting, we CAN pick up our palm trees in the fall, and happily return them the following spring to provide your tropical paradise year after year. Either way, we look forward to continuing to bring real palm trees to the Northeast, New England, and entire Tri-State area! 

Renting Palms In Other States

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